...in my life, I mean.

Monday, October 27

I feel like a list

Melis' list of top 5 movies (so far):

5. The Dark Knight/Spider-Man

4. Mulan
Do NOT give me shit for this because I know this movie almost line-by-line and I can almost line-by-line describe to you the awesomness of this movie. This is the one Disney movie where the heroine doesn't need to rely on a man for shit and even kicks his ass a little. What a great movie to show to little girls to prevent self-esteem issues, and to little boys to give them some. Plus people (more specifically evil Huns that have come to invade China) actually get blown up in this movie, making it by far way more violent that Mufasa getting trampled to death or Bambi's mom getting shot.

3. Donnie Darko
I don't quite fully understand this movie, but that's what makes it so amazing. You're just so intrigued with what is going on and it's not TOO confusing to the point where it's just frustrating. The movie's greatness is only heightened when coupled with my also #3 favorite song, "Mad World" by Gary Jules. This song is the Cinnamon-Honey flavored cream cheese from the Dining Halls to the toasted Plain Bagel also served in the Dining Halls. What I'm saying is that they go together perfectly. What I mean is they fit nicely to one another, I'm trying to tell you that the song and movie are meant for each other, etc.

2. Garden State
Great romantic movie. Great not only because of Zach Braff and Natalie Portman (love them!), but because the love the protagonists have for each other is REAL. Well, I know it's not real because it's a movie, but the love is more realistic than any other romantic movie I've seen. There's no social force forbidding their love, no oh-so-lucky coincidence/fate that brings them together after a separation; it's just real. They meet, they fall in love, they presumably stay together forever. There isn't much challenge in the way of their love but it's still an excellent movie that nevertheless keeps me interested every time I watch it.

1. Back to the Future
This is probably the most random and unexpected movie I could've picked for my number one. I usually don't care much for old movies, and pretty much hate sci-fi movies. But Back to the Future just has IT. It - the special somethingorwhatever that makes a movie the best ever - it's the it that makes me like it even though I usually don't like movies like it.

Alright, I confess: it means Michael J. Fox.


Wednesday, October 22

The upside down pyramid that brings the bacon (barely)

I think I've realized the reason behind my blog's essential failure and unpopularity. I mean besides the irregularity of updates and lack of awesome graphics. My blog entries are short.

Whenever I visit fellow J-schoolers slash successful blogs, I notice at least one trend of them all: they're super long. Yes, super. Even the most interesting entries get boring after 8 long paragraphs. This is why I love journalism so much: you don't need to read the whole thing, or listen, or watch or whatever. You can read about half a page, listen to about 20 seconds of TV, and you pretty much got all you need to get from that story. If you need to know more, they will tell you later. The introverted pyramid is genius. Whoever says advanced technology is behind the populations A.D.D. is completely off because journalists have realized this has existed for many, many years.

I'll make brevity my signature, the most stand out characteristic of my blog, and appeal to Ritalin users worldwide! (Or at least ones that can read U.S. English.)

Friday, October 17

It's sad to see someone getting her sole entertainment from a textbook...

When I bridged from high school to college, I expected many differences in receiving my education, including the times I went to class and more career-training focus I would have in my education. What I did not expect was for my textbooks to ROCK HARD. And when I mean textbook, I really mean textbook. Not some American literature classic for English 152 or something. This is an actual textbook. It's called Mass Communication: Living in a Media World by Ralph E. Hanson. This is book is for my Journalism 101 class. I know there are some (many...well I'll be honest here: vast majority) of my classmates who would criticize the class, but the book for it is amazing.

So far in this book I have learned the Beatles did admit their songs referenced drugs, viewers of The Daily Show are better education in politics and overall than O'Reilly Factor viewers, Joseph Pulitzer did more than start the Spanish-American war, and probably the best information I have received yet: Lost is available for free on the internet!!!!! Hanson agrees, Lost is the best TV show on right now (or at least at the time of the publishing of the 2nd edition of his book) and you can see every episode ever aired here. This is great for me because I'm behind a season, and with this website I won't be anymore! I can watch every episode of season 4 and be able to watch the new episodes of season 5 when they come out "early 2009." This is great, screw studying!!

Also, He calls me "Rerun." *swoons*

Wednesday, October 15

Everything you already know, and then some

I saw Joe Biden speak today.

Bet you're expecting me to do an in depth analysis of the messages, hidden and obvious, he transmitted to the audience, right? Well, it's not going to happen because I don't feel like doing that. Mostly because you already know what I would say to that.

Seriously, the speech was nothing new; John McCain sucks, Barack Obama rules, yay! That was about it. Not to say it was boring; it wasn't. My blood was pumping throughout his speech -- Biden knows how to rally a crowd. I guess I'm just getting bored of the election. Honestly, I have been hearing about it for what, a year and a half? This is old news. I'm fairly certain Obama will win because of California and New York, and the fact that the present President is Republican and pretty much universally hated.

One interesting note though, while he talked extensively about Obama and his positions on the economy and veteran care, Biden made no mention on the War in Iraq. Hmmm.... What do I know though, I'm only a first quarter freshman. Athens citizens may be for the war, we ARE in Appalachia after all.

Monday, October 6

SNL and le français

I realize this blog is still pretty pathetic, bear with me.

Anyway, let's talk politics.
I was recently sent a link to this clip from CNN about Sarah Palin and the SNL parody of her. I didn't think much of the newscast, but the comments about the clip are what surprised me. Oh Jeez! Some of those comments have to be fake, MOST of those comments should be fake. I'm not talking about all the stuff against Obama or all the things said about McCain, but everything. The stuff these people claim...Obama on crack?? (And this example does not make me biased, it's the only specific one I can remember right now.) It's so outlandish there is no way there can be any truth. I really hope these people aren't voting. It's calle EDUCATION. Get some. Hahaha inuendos.

And for some international flavor, my new french vocabulary is so ironically appropriate. It's not even on purpose either. Some sample words are: la pauvreté, un marché boursier, la crise économique, la banqueroute, le chômage and avoir des dettes. In English, my vocabulary is: poverty, stock market, economic crisis, bankruptcy, unemployment and to be in debt Love it! The irony, I mean, not the current state of our nation's economy, that sucks.