...in my life, I mean.

Wednesday, February 18

How to get a nerdy white girl to say "Awww hell nawh!!"

I'm so excited.

Today, in SPJ (of course), we learned about the Freedom of Information Act and how it relates to journalists. I basically peed myself the whole time. Media Law does that to me. After I peed myself listening to Aimee Edmondson and her explanation of the Sunshine Laws, I continued to ruin my Bailey jeans (from Delia*s) when the president of SPJ told us the organization was going to focus on this law for basically the rest of the school year.

This is why I joined the club. It was a little so-so at first but I know it is going to be SO WORTH IT now. And let me tell you why.

Basically, SPJ found out about 4 years ago that Ohio University does not follow the state's Open Records Law. At all. And now the big bobcat cheese's are bitching about having to follow this law.

SPJ isn't having any of this. We are going to...I'm not sure yet. But we are going to do something about this, and I am going to love every second of it.

It. Is. ON!!!!!!!!

(I am so bad at proper grammar in this.)

Tuesday, February 10

A College student doesn't have any money??? How captivating!

I really need a job.

One thing that excited me about coming to college in Fall 2008 was the prospect of not having a part-time job while being a student. I decided that my first quarter of college would be a time for me to accommodate to my new surroundings and adjust to a heavier workload than I could ever imagine. (At least according to my 11th AP Government teacher, who everyday told the class how "freaking" hard college was and scared me to the point where I didn't want to pursue a higher education for a while.) I also thought I deserved a much needed vacation from working. I've had a part-time job since I was 15, sacrificing precious after school activities that wealthy parents force their children into because "school and getting good grades is their job." Totally the opposite view in my household. At my house, I didn't HAVE to get a job, but if I wanted something that wasn't vital to my survival, and that includes a car and the expenses associated with it, I needed to find a way to pay for it myself.

So I've had a job for a while. I was working almost full-time over the summer, in fact. However, I decided to use fall quarter -- and the two weeks prior to that, since I took my leave of absence early -- to just focus on school. And I did. I was overwhelmed the first 7 weeks or so of college, only getting used to the workload towards the end. The break was a smart decision for me.

Now comes 2009.

I decide I'm ready to handle a job at college. I don't want anything major; 10 hours a week, food service orientated since I have a crap ton of expierence there. But after looking at multiple places my first week back, I realize that IT IS IMPOSSIBLE TO GET A JOB IN ATHENS, OHIO.

Seriously, it is tougher than I ever imagined, and it has nothing to do with the economy! Back home, I could walk into almost any restaurant-type place and get an interview right away. Here, they want resumes. Resumes for working at a nonskilled job! It's crazy!

Want to hear how bad my search has been going? I couldn't get a job at Jeff. That's right, I fail so much that THE DINING HALL DOESN'T EVEN WANT ME.

After that, I've momentarily paused my search to wait for some places to start hiring. I've made a resume and am trying to make my spring schedule more flexible than my winter schedule, w (I'm not available until after 5 pm on weekdays.) Hopefully, I will have better luck. Until then, bitching on the internet, while earning Blogger money, is the closest action I can get to a paycheck.

Well, except selling myself on Ebay.

That's Plan C.

Wednesday, February 4

Because I know the anticipation was killing you

After re-examining my blog and reading some past posts I've posted, I noticed something: I have yet to mention Barack Obama. Oh, I have definitely mentioned the election, but nObama.
From what I've read so far on the internet, it seems like one cannot run a blog without occasionally (or more like constantly) mentioning or hinting at their political opinions. In order to officially establish myself as a serious blogger, I believe my opinion on the president of the United States of America -- the country where I reside -- should be known. Ladies and gentlemen of the internet, I present you with my opinion on Barack Obama:

He's pretty hot.

Not sexy like some may think, but he's definitely up on there on the hotness scale.

I give him a 7 out of 10.

Sunday, February 1

Well, well

I know, I know, it's been awhile. You probably thought I had given up on blogging for good, haven't you? Well, you were kind of right.

First off, I completely forgot that I ever even wrote in a blog until about the 2nd week back from winter intersession. Secondly, when I did realize I had forgotten about the blog, I didn't care. Bob Stewart wasn't around anymore to scare me into writing a blog for the sake of my future career so I just did not care. However, Paul Matson instead stepped in.

About two weeks ago, I dashed out of Vico 140 to Scripps 111 for my consistently entertaining and informative weekly meeting of SPJ. This was the first "workshop" meeting I've ever attended, and I must say, it was fairly badass. This Matson guy, though still a student, knew his shit. And his shit was social media. (Or is it Social Media? Apparently capitalization is a big deal when referring to this stuff.) Anyway, he came in and talked about the Internet and what to do on it. Two of these "s(S)ocial m(M)edia" stood out to me: LinkedIn -- the professional version of Facebook -- and RSS.

I have still yet to make a profile on LinkedIn (let me make a resume first), but I finally got the hang on RSS feeds. Which I now declare be called SS feeds because once Paul Matson told me how to do it, it was easy. But I tried it once about a year ago on my own and I was CLUELESS. So it's not really simple; just simple.

But anyway, turns out Blogspot automatically puts the blogs I follow on my subscriptions list. So as I was building my S(s)ocial M(m)edia reputation, I was constantly reminded of my unupdated and uncared for blog.

So basically, Google Reader guilted me into coming back to the blog.

I'm ba-ack!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!