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Monday, October 6

SNL and le français

I realize this blog is still pretty pathetic, bear with me.

Anyway, let's talk politics.
I was recently sent a link to this clip from CNN about Sarah Palin and the SNL parody of her. I didn't think much of the newscast, but the comments about the clip are what surprised me. Oh Jeez! Some of those comments have to be fake, MOST of those comments should be fake. I'm not talking about all the stuff against Obama or all the things said about McCain, but everything. The stuff these people claim...Obama on crack?? (And this example does not make me biased, it's the only specific one I can remember right now.) It's so outlandish there is no way there can be any truth. I really hope these people aren't voting. It's calle EDUCATION. Get some. Hahaha inuendos.

And for some international flavor, my new french vocabulary is so ironically appropriate. It's not even on purpose either. Some sample words are: la pauvreté, un marché boursier, la crise économique, la banqueroute, le chômage and avoir des dettes. In English, my vocabulary is: poverty, stock market, economic crisis, bankruptcy, unemployment and to be in debt Love it! The irony, I mean, not the current state of our nation's economy, that sucks.


A.G.B said...

The Youtube comments were pretty hysterical. Nothing draws some good old fashioned hatin' like politics!

Anonymous said...

The anonymous element of the Internet is what (I think) gets all those crazy comments. People are willing to post anything if they think people will read it; in a basement somewhere, some sensationalist commenter is chuckling sinisterly...

Sarah Maloy said...

I remember writing an article this summer for the newspaper about the Obama VP texts, reading the comments on the online story, and wondering how people could be so idiotic. The one the really sticks in my brain talked about how Obama was a racist Muslim Jew named Hussein who was going to take over our country and send all the white people to be executed by terrorists. Yeah... when I read comments like that, or the one you mentioned, it makes me worry about our society. =]