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Wednesday, October 22

The upside down pyramid that brings the bacon (barely)

I think I've realized the reason behind my blog's essential failure and unpopularity. I mean besides the irregularity of updates and lack of awesome graphics. My blog entries are short.

Whenever I visit fellow J-schoolers slash successful blogs, I notice at least one trend of them all: they're super long. Yes, super. Even the most interesting entries get boring after 8 long paragraphs. This is why I love journalism so much: you don't need to read the whole thing, or listen, or watch or whatever. You can read about half a page, listen to about 20 seconds of TV, and you pretty much got all you need to get from that story. If you need to know more, they will tell you later. The introverted pyramid is genius. Whoever says advanced technology is behind the populations A.D.D. is completely off because journalists have realized this has existed for many, many years.

I'll make brevity my signature, the most stand out characteristic of my blog, and appeal to Ritalin users worldwide! (Or at least ones that can read U.S. English.)


Anonymous said...

As far as titles go, absolutley the most wonderfully puzzling (before reading the actual post).

Woozie said...

I like short to medium length posts. More often than not long ones bore me and I sometimes don't even start reading them; it's been my experience that the longer the post is, the more full of crap it is.