...in my life, I mean.

Sunday, November 9

Just a heads up

You're probably not going to be seeing anything new from me for a while. It's finals week and I'm actually going to concentrate on school and study! Amazing! (Not really; I'm a huge nerd and study all the time anyway.) Then it's winter intersession where I'm working, volunteering, designing for Athena and probably doing some service work for SPJ.

I know, you're devastated. I'll probably be back sometime around January 5th so try not to overdoes on Prozac while I'm gone.

Sunday, November 2

The real deal inside Halloween at OU

Ahh, time to sit back, relax and reflect on the absolutely out-of-control/wild/life changing/if I only I could remember it all weekend that is the infamous Ohio University Halloween weekend.


Well, I'm relaxing and reflecting, but not on the craziness of the weekend. Sure, Court Street was crowded. Sure, girls were pretty much naked in the streets. Sure, there was booze readily available every 500 feet. But that doesn't automatically equal greatest night ever, not at all.

Don't think I didn't have a good time -- I did -- but there are some things no one told me about this weekend that I believe many people should be aware of:
  • Not matter what the actual temperature outside is, no matter how insulated your costume is, no matter how many people radiating body heat in close proximity to you there are, you will be cold. And cold = miserable.
  • There is a significant portion of people on Court Street who are not dressed up and old and probably drunk who spend their night watching the college students and their friends. CREEPY.
  • Though alcohol is abundant, you will be reluctant to drink due to the mass numbers of cops patrolling, and because of that one story you hear about that one person you kind of know getting in trouble, and for fear that the super anal RA of your dorm will be the one watching the door at the exact time you decide to head back.
  • And apparently, unless you see about 18 other people with your costume, no one will have any clue who you are even though you were an incredibly famous and fairly recent cartoon character relevant to the age group you are surrounded by, with obvious similiarities as demonstrated by the costume!!!!
But really, I had fun.