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Sunday, February 1

Well, well

I know, I know, it's been awhile. You probably thought I had given up on blogging for good, haven't you? Well, you were kind of right.

First off, I completely forgot that I ever even wrote in a blog until about the 2nd week back from winter intersession. Secondly, when I did realize I had forgotten about the blog, I didn't care. Bob Stewart wasn't around anymore to scare me into writing a blog for the sake of my future career so I just did not care. However, Paul Matson instead stepped in.

About two weeks ago, I dashed out of Vico 140 to Scripps 111 for my consistently entertaining and informative weekly meeting of SPJ. This was the first "workshop" meeting I've ever attended, and I must say, it was fairly badass. This Matson guy, though still a student, knew his shit. And his shit was social media. (Or is it Social Media? Apparently capitalization is a big deal when referring to this stuff.) Anyway, he came in and talked about the Internet and what to do on it. Two of these "s(S)ocial m(M)edia" stood out to me: LinkedIn -- the professional version of Facebook -- and RSS.

I have still yet to make a profile on LinkedIn (let me make a resume first), but I finally got the hang on RSS feeds. Which I now declare be called SS feeds because once Paul Matson told me how to do it, it was easy. But I tried it once about a year ago on my own and I was CLUELESS. So it's not really simple; just simple.

But anyway, turns out Blogspot automatically puts the blogs I follow on my subscriptions list. So as I was building my S(s)ocial M(m)edia reputation, I was constantly reminded of my unupdated and uncared for blog.

So basically, Google Reader guilted me into coming back to the blog.

I'm ba-ack!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Cassie The Venomous said...

Ooh, neat. I shall have to check out LinkedIn.


A.G.B said...

I feel bad for missing that meeting now. What the hell is Linkedln?

Sarah Maloy said...

You know about LinkedIn? I have a LinkedIn profile... but I didn't make it. It just appeared. And it knows all about me! Someone explain that to me, please?

Melis said...

Holy crap that's scary! I haven't started mine yet. Maybe it's not you, but someone else with your name??? I don't know. Ask Paul Matson. He probably knows.