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Wednesday, October 15

Everything you already know, and then some

I saw Joe Biden speak today.

Bet you're expecting me to do an in depth analysis of the messages, hidden and obvious, he transmitted to the audience, right? Well, it's not going to happen because I don't feel like doing that. Mostly because you already know what I would say to that.

Seriously, the speech was nothing new; John McCain sucks, Barack Obama rules, yay! That was about it. Not to say it was boring; it wasn't. My blood was pumping throughout his speech -- Biden knows how to rally a crowd. I guess I'm just getting bored of the election. Honestly, I have been hearing about it for what, a year and a half? This is old news. I'm fairly certain Obama will win because of California and New York, and the fact that the present President is Republican and pretty much universally hated.

One interesting note though, while he talked extensively about Obama and his positions on the economy and veteran care, Biden made no mention on the War in Iraq. Hmmm.... What do I know though, I'm only a first quarter freshman. Athens citizens may be for the war, we ARE in Appalachia after all.

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A.G.B said...

I am getting pretty sick of the election already too. I like your headline.