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Wednesday, February 18

How to get a nerdy white girl to say "Awww hell nawh!!"

I'm so excited.

Today, in SPJ (of course), we learned about the Freedom of Information Act and how it relates to journalists. I basically peed myself the whole time. Media Law does that to me. After I peed myself listening to Aimee Edmondson and her explanation of the Sunshine Laws, I continued to ruin my Bailey jeans (from Delia*s) when the president of SPJ told us the organization was going to focus on this law for basically the rest of the school year.

This is why I joined the club. It was a little so-so at first but I know it is going to be SO WORTH IT now. And let me tell you why.

Basically, SPJ found out about 4 years ago that Ohio University does not follow the state's Open Records Law. At all. And now the big bobcat cheese's are bitching about having to follow this law.

SPJ isn't having any of this. We are going to...I'm not sure yet. But we are going to do something about this, and I am going to love every second of it.

It. Is. ON!!!!!!!!

(I am so bad at proper grammar in this.)


A.G.B said...

To borrow a quote from Random Flat-Top Guy on Random South Park episode:

"OH.....I'S ONNNNN!"

Ohio University SPJ said...

Love this! Glad you're excited (but try and keep the pants dry, for everyone's sake haha) and we'll have A LOT more for you soon!

Katie said...

I need something to read.

Anonymous said...

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